About Us

Our Mission:

Stratum Projects is committed to facilitating and promoting sustainable development and providing the services and solutions that enable anyone to move towards sustainability , making it not only an ideal but a very  reachable reality.

We believe that sustainability is the future for our households, businesses and county as a whole and the only way to address the environmental and social issues that we face today through decades of living unsustainably.  

Our services have been engineered to be a win-win situation that will benefit their user’s lifestyles and their environment in the long run and not merely be an expense.

Our aim is to offer multi dimensional services to our clients to allow for complete transformation to sustainability in the most efficient ways possible.  Sustainability is not only about environmental  and social  issues, but also includes economics. That is why we are committed to providing only the most cost effective and quality  solutions to our clients that has a sustainable and ethical effect throughout each stage.

Our Core Values:

Integrity - We strive to be honest and transparent in all our dealings with clients, suppliers and employees.

Ethical - We place a major emphasis on sourcing materials and goods from suppliers that produce them in an ethical manner as well as being ethical in all our business practices.

Carbon neutrality - We are committed to conducting business that is not harmful to the environment.

Pride - We are immensely proud of being South African and want to see positive lasting change that empowers all the citizens of our country.

Research - We constantly research our own technologies as well as international trends and new ideas with the aim introduce them to our local arena and solve our environmental problems.

Innovation - We believe that no problem is too large to be solved and that a solution is always to be found. We stay proactive in this regard.

We are committed to helping forward-thinking organizations position sustainability as a key lever to long-term success and, ultimately, high performance. We help organizations leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth while striving for a positive economic, environmental and social impact.