Pre-filter and growth bodies -
The AQUALOOP pre-filter and growth bodies provide a consistent improvement in the quality of organically contaminated water such as household grey water in the collection tank. This is achieved by biological degradation as well as by automatic extraction of bottom sediment and floating debris from the collection tank.

Membranes -
Patented AQUALOOP C-MEM membranes are the core of the water treatment process. The membranes special hollow fibres are designed to effectively retain bacteria and viruses. AQUALOOP can improve the water quality without chemical additives such as chlorine, which has proven hazardous to health. This is equally good for the environment and for your wallet. AQUALOOP’s special design and water treatment process allows for a long service life of up to 10 years with only minimal maintenance.

Membrane station with systems control -
The AQUALOOP membrane station is also mounted within the collection tank. This membrane station includes a platform for the mounting of membranes.
A permeate pump, back-flushing pump, back-flushing tank and blower connection are all integrated here. The AQUALOOP membrane station can be flexibly equipped with up to six membranes, depending on the required amount of water to be recycled. Multiple membrane stations can be used in parallel for even higher water volume requirements.
Each membrane station contains a fully automatic system controller for operating and monitoring the pump and blower. The blower simultaneously fulfils the jobs of membrane cleaning and supplying oxygen to the bioreactor.

Tanks -
AQUALOOP pre-filter and membrane station can be integrated into almost any tank, regardless of whether it is situated indoors or outdoors. Aqualoop System 6 - the standard residential system comes complete with 2 x 350 litre tanks. For bigger systems we utilise local tanks.

Water supply units -
The recycled water is pumped throughout the house for uses such as toilet flushing, washing machine or irrigation via the RAINMASTER pump and control system.

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INTEWA of Germany has recently released AQUALOOP, the world’s first residential greywater treatment system capable of processing greywater to within European Drinking Water standards*.

The major benefit of greywater recycling is that in South Africa customers are levied twice for municipal water - once for the amount of mains water used and a second time for the amount sent down the waste pipe. By installing an AQUALOOP wastewater recycling system and re-using your water again around the home, you save twice as much on your municipal bills.

Using a combination of pre-filtration, biological degradation & ultra-fine membrane filtration technology, AQUALOOP allows residential grey water to now be processed, stored and pumped back inside the house for flushing toilets or for use in washing machines. This brings grey water recycling and processed water quality to a whole new level never before seen residentially, where water generated by the household on a daily basis can actually be used again inside the home, rather than simply being pumped out onto the lawn for irrigation purposes.

AQUALOOP's modular format means it can be configured for applications from 300l to 7000l of waste water per day (treating water quality of BSB <200 mg/l) - depending on the specific requirements. This makes AQUALOOP ideal for use in suburban homes, residential estates, B&B's, boutique hotels, schools and light commercial.

AQUALOOP greywater system requires little space as the daily storage volume necessary is small because we create this source of supply every day! System 6 - the standard residential model utilises two 300 litre tanks for daily water processing. The treated, recycled water is pumped throughout the house via a RAINMASTER pump and control system allowing customers to become truly self-sufficient by utilising both rainwater & greywater continuously throughout their home.

Inflow water quality -
Depending on the quality of inflow water and its intended recycled use, the optimum AQUALOOP system can be selected from the following modular components available.

Aqualoop features -
German design & manufacture - capable of processing grey water to within European Drinking Water standards - can turn daily greywater into a usable source of clean water throughout the house - can help take SA customers off the water grid - low system maintenance  - designed for long service life - all parts interchangeable - 2 year German backed warranty

As part of our environmental responsibility program a percentage of all our greywater recycling proceeds go towards the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Threatened Amphibian Program