RAINMASTER Favorit models are high pressure electronic pump & control units capable of pumping rainwater
at 80l/min and 110l/min respectively, to the shower, bath, toilets, laundry, taps and high pressure irrigation systems
of a large family home, or for water supply in small to medium sized commercial pumping applications.  
Rainmaster FAVORIT features:
- high pressure water pumping at up to 5.5 bar
- can save a large household up to 100% of their municipal water costs
- can be wall mounted in the garage or utility room
- features automatic mains water back-up should the rainwater tank run dry
- carries a German backed 24 month guarantee against faulty workmanship
- is designed for long service life
RM-Favorit can be connected directly into the existing pipework of the house.
The RAINMASTER Favorit SC models are equipped with variable speed control, where the speed of the pump adjusts automatically depending on the flow rate required. This leads to huge savings in running costs like electricity, to lower noise emissions and to longer run life. Designed for larger commercial applications, where pumping reliability and consistency is a must, speed-controlled RMF-SC models are used to ensure water is always efficiently and reliably delivered to the required application.

Rainmaster FAVORIT SC features:
- variable speed, high pressure water pumping
- 40% reduction in power consumption compared to regular centrifugal pumps
- 40% longer operational running life
- 70% reduction in noise emissions
- up to 3 units can be linked together for larger pumping requirements
- units sync and communicate via Bluetooth
- are wall mounted inside saving valuable space
- features automatic mains water back-up should the rainwater tank run dry
- carries a German backed 24 month guarantee against faulty workmanship

Up to three RM-Favorit SC units can be connected in parallel as a powerful multiple pumping system. The units communicate together via Bluetooth. In this configuration, should one pump fail, the others simply take up the load, ensuring water supply security - necessary in many industrial applications.

Power saving technology, economical running, long system run life and pumping assurance, combined with low maintenance and a 24 month German backed warranty, are key features that make RM-Favorit 20 & 40 SC models the intelligent commercial or industrial choice.

INTEWA PURAIN Rainwater Filters

Rainwater filters should:

a) collect rainwater efficiently;

b) filter the water to a high standard so it will not degrade during storage in the tank;

c) present the owner with minimal maintenance issues.

In 2001 INTEWA designed and patented the self-cleaning rainwater filter. It remains one of the world’s most efficient rainwater collection devices available today.

Over 20,000 have been installed to date and customers are happy that they require very little maintenance due to this self-cleaning design.

Rainwater filter design carefully considers how rainfall actually occurs and how best to maximise the catch. Low rainfall events account for over 97% of total annual rainfall worldwide. Therefore, it is particularly important that filters be designed to collect this light rainfall. This is the rainfall that “first-flush diverter” type filters discard and waste! High rainfall events, that occur approximately 4 - 10 times in a year, and contribute only 3% to total water yield, are used by PURAIN filters for self-cleaning. PURAIN filters overall rainfall collection efficiency has been independently verified at 98% – the highest of any rainwater filter available.

PURAIN filters are in-tank mounted, feature in-built skimmers to filter contaminants from the water’s surface and a non-return valve to prevent backflow or rodents entering the water supply.

Even if multiple tanks are used, only one PURAIN filter is necessary per rainwater harvesting installation.

The PURAIN filter range covers roofing areas from 60m2 to 15000m2.

PURAIN rainwater filters features:

- more than 20,000 installations in Germany

- highest rainwater collection efficiency rating of 98%

- self-cleaning design

- lowest maintenance of any rainwater filter

- only 1 filter needed per rainwater installation

- effectively cleanses rainwater of biological contaminants

- in-tank or out-of-tank mounting

- features in-built skimmers to filter contaminants from the water's surface

- non-return valve to prevent back-flow and keep out rodents & insects

- the filter range covers roof areas from 60m2 to 15000m2

- German manufacture

- 2 year warranty

- represents best value for money

INTEWA Rainmaster pump & control units
Pump & Control units are the technology behind the pumping and control of collected rainwater sent in from outside tanks for use inside the home. INTEWA supply a range of powerful and energy-efficient Rainmaster products for various applications from residential to commercial.

Designed for use in single family houses or individual apartments servicing up to 4 people,
the RM- Eco is a small, quiet, 24 volt electronic pump & control unit capable of pumping rain
or processed water from an outside collection tank into the house to flush toilets, for washing
machines and for outside garden taps and basic irrigation.

Rainmaster ECO features:
- can save the average household up to 50% of their municipal water costs
- runs on 75% less power than other rainwater pumps
- creates 50% less noise than other rainwater pumps (at 47dB)
- is wall mounted in the garage or utility room
- features automatic mains water back-up should the rainwater tank run dry
- easily operated from a PV solar source
- carries a German backed 24 month guarantee against faulty workmanship
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