Living Walls
Create green vertical gardens, walls of wildflowers or living logos : the possibilities really are endless. Our living walls can be designed, planted and maintained for any structure from Shopping centres and retail spaces to high rise offices or hotels and make stunning features in homes and gardens. Far more than just an eco-statement, our products and expertise make possible a total transformation of the built environment.

The ANS Living Wall System™ is renowned globally for its proven unique modular technology, creating impressive vertical plantations. The ANS Living Wall System™ is made from 100% recycled material incorporating organically grown media and backed with our 10 year comprehensive warranty.

This proven modular system can be built up and around any structure, to any size – a living work of art professionally designed and delivered to site fully planted to give instant full impact. The system incorporates a fully automatic irrigation system to allow every area of the wall to have the correct amount of water.

interior anslivingwalls

Ideal for offices, reception areas and restaurants as well as residential properties, our design teams make the most of your interior architecture and our botanical experts ensure you pick the right planting for even low light interiors. Every interior installation is regularly maintained to ensure sustainability and has a 10 year warranty.

exterior anslivingwalls

Add impact to your building and get it noticed by every passer-by. Ideal for attracting customers, making a brand statement or turning a home into a local landmark while protecting walls, adding insulation and extra sound-proofing. Our pre-grown modular system means fast installation and almost instant results; we also provide regular maintenance to guarantee sustainability plus a 10 year warranty.

why plant anslivingwalls Inside?

Bespoke design makes a brand statement in retail spaces or reception areas

Creates striking interior design feature in homes

Choose from wide range of foliage and flowering plants

Modular with fully automated irrigation system

Easy maintenance – our expert teams can visit regularly

Helps balance humidity in stuffy interiors and improve air quality
Instant benefits in offices:

Turns stressful workspaces into attractive, green environments

Improves work rates, relaxes and lifts mood

Reduces noise levels and aids concentration

Gives a green, modern image to your company

Helps combat poor air conditioning and drying heating

Helps filters pollutants and combat computer emissions
A big brand statement for businesses:

Makes your green credentials clear in retail locations

Attracts customers and gets your business noticed

Adds eco luxury to hotel facades, restaurants and other leisure venues

Makes hospitals, libraries and public facilities attractive and easy to find

Differentiates your company from competitors

ANS love to work closely with artists, architects and local town councils so we were delighted when the National Portrait Gallery commissioned us to recreate a famous Van Gogh painting in their collection as a living wall of plants outside their famous building on Trafalgar Square. 

First we created a computer layout breaking down Van Gogh s painting into colour sections. Then the expert botanists at ANS selected flower and foliage plants to match each colour cell. Next we grew all the plants needed in our nurseries and delivered them to Trafalgar Square in time to plant the massive screen installed outside the gallery. 

Using our clever modular system, our horticulturalists quickly planted the screen following the colour plan . . . and stood back to see how it looked!

Watch the clip, see how we did it and enjoy the stunning results!

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