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Cool Roofs

Cool roof waterproof coatings for every roof…..

A cool roof can significantly reduce your cooling energy costs and increase your comfort level by reducing temperature fluctuations inside your home.  Average energy savings range from 7%-15% of total cooling costs.  

Green Roofs

The world of green roofs has arrived.

We aim to transform the South African urban landscape by creating the most sustainable green roofs incorporating capillary subsurface irrigation in our biodiverse greenroof installations, providing maximum environmental benefit.

Living Walls

Green walls for any structure

Wouldn't it be nice if you could see buildings that come alive? With living walls you can. Living walls are the perfect mix of rural and urban living, bringing a touch of nature to metal and concrete, and with so many different applications there's no end to the green wall possibilities.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting is becoming increasingly popular and necessary in South Africa.

We supply and install only the best quality systems to ensure guaranteed supply with the maximum benefits for the environment and for you.

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Featured Product



Designed for use in single family houses or individual apartments servicing up to 4 people,

the RM- Eco is a small, quiet, 24 volt electronic pump & control unit capable of pumping rain

or processed water from an outside collection tank into the house to flush toilets, for washing

machines and for outside garden taps and basic irrigation.

Rainmaster ECO features:

- can save the average household up to 50% of their municipal water costs

- runs on 75% less power than other rainwater pumps

- creates 50% less noise than other rainwater pumps (at 47dB)

- is wall mounted in the garage or utility room

- features automatic mains water back-up should the rainwater tank run dry

- easily operated from a PV solar source

- carries a German backed 24 month guarantee against faulty workmanship