Conserving and using water economically and efficiently not only has an enormous effect on the environment and the ongoing shortage of water in South Africa, but it can also save you a significant amount of money as you consume and thereby use less water each year.
We specialize in the new and retrofit (fit to existing) installation of water conservation sanitary ware and fittings that allow you to save on average of 50% of standard water consumption.
Our water conservation services include installing and retrofitting of:

Waterless urinal systems - Save 100% on your urinal flushing.

Water efficient toilet flushing systems - Save 50 - 75% of your toilet flushing by converting your existing toilet to dual flush..

Water efficient shower heads and fittings - Save 50% on your shower water usage

Water efficient tap and mixer fittings - Save 50% of your  tap water usage.

Grey water recycling units - Save 100% on your garden irrigation

We use the very best brands of fittings to ensure that you get the most lifecycle out of each fitting..

Contact us to find out how much you can save on your water and sanitation costs.

As part of our environmental responsibility program a percentage of all our water  conservation proceeds go towards the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Threatened Amphibian Program